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Odd to You it’s the result of a dreamer’s quest to live her dreams to their full extent in all its forms: physical, geographical, emotional, and spiritual. A project dedicated to creating awareness about healing in its many forms and guide, nurture and empower dreamers like you to live this fabulous human experience called life.

Of course that there is much more to Odd to You.

Odd, as I call it fondly, started as a humble project looking to inspire other dreamers through storytelling. The idea was simple. Using the words pouring out of my heart every day, I would tell the stories of passionate beings who despite age, gender, and background defy the odds, fight for their dreams, and enjoy life to their full extension.

In a way, I wanted to challenge you. I wanted to defy you, to inspire you to live your dreams. I thought all the experience I had living my dreams would be enough. Naively, I was about to defy myself.

For two years, I had ideas, I knocked on doors, yet when they opened wide excited with what my to offer, I run and hid. I wanted to share the beauty and the magic in others, but I wanted to remain hidden behind the scenes.

Through the new challenges TFT (Thought Freedom Therapy) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) found me. From the first session, I was hooked. I understood what was happening from within. I acknowledge it, I embraced it, I felt it. I didn’t understand why I kept sabotaging myself because what was stopping me was hidden in my subconscious mind, underneath numerous layers of self-defense mechanisms that my mind had created over decades.

Before these healing tools came into my life, I didn’t understand why I kept sabotaging myself. There were so many layers of self-defense mechanisms my mind crafted over decades to protect itself from suffering, my conscious mind was totally unaware of what was really going on. I was up against myself.

Energetic Psychology, Spiritual Growth, and Healing soon became my favourite obsessions

Then, it all happened naturally. Every time a friend or a stranger came over to unload, we started a spontaneous healing session. I started researching more, learning and experiencing more healing tools from Matrix Reimprinting to Pranic Healing, passing through biodecoding and everything else in between. It all made sense, and it all worked. It was like finding what I always felt about life already developed and explained.

One day, as these things tend to go,  I realised I wasn’t doing anything else anymore. I became a healing facilitator and went around learning and sharing healing with all different types of healers. The more tools I experienced, the more I applied it. It didn’t matter where I was and who I was with.

Initially, I only wanted to inspire you. I had been on this planet for over 12000 days, trying to inspire you for at least 1000, and I found out can’t.

Inspiring other dreamers it’s like adding new stuff to their backpacks, and their backpacks are already filled. And that’s your backpack, and that’s your stuff. It’s up to you to get rid of what does not serve you. It’s up to you to want to heal, tap into yourself and feel inspired for and by life. The world is your muse. And, it’s everywhere around you.

Yet, through assisting others with and myself with my inner healing process and spiritual growth, I found the rabbit hole did not just ended up there. There was a lot more than what I could have imagined or hoped for in my wildest dreams.

Now, Odd invites you remove your energetic blockages and to dig deeper into this collective dream of ours.

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Last but not the least…

Sandra Guedes

Professional Dreamer, Healing Facilitator & Storyteller

Initially, I had a dream and by following that dream I got into all kinds of trouble. I ended up working as a tour guide across the Adriatic, working on a dive centre in the Caribbean, teaching English in Spanish-speaking countries, crossing South America on my own, working as a volunteer photographer among many other things.

Nonetheless, after 7 years of living from dream to dream, following them felt empty and shallow. I could not tell why. According to my gut, I was doing good stuff. I worked on NGOs -Non-Governmental Organizations – cleaned beaches and improvised as I went along, but there was something missing.

With the goal of inspiring others to live their dreams, I started writing freelance. Yet, it was only when I found healing that I felt like I had for the first time in over three decades found something that was worth sticking to.

All my life I searched for a way to live my dreams to their full expansion,

and through healing I found out I was doing it all along. 

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