• Event Date
  • 2018-11-03   10 AM to 5 PM
  • Unity Studios, Brighton

"We dream the world we live in to wake up and live the dream we have created."

Sandra Guedes, Fellow Dreamer and Spirit Guide Embodied

Dear Dreamer,

How are you? Are you making the most of this dream, or are you putting your dreams on a shelf? Today honouring your contribution to this collective human dream of ours, we are inviting you to a very special workshop: Healing the Dream from Within was designed teach you how energy blocks are creating the reality you are in and distorting your perception of the dream you are living. You will remove deep energy blocks, strengthening your connection with your authentic self and creating a healthy ego. Meet us at Unity Studios for a daring rollercoaster of storytelling, healing and fun.

  • This life

    is a magnetic dream where we constantly pull into our own multiverse the words, the thoughts, the sounds, the people, the events, that vibrate on the same level of a certain part of ourselves. Everything we see, hear, touch, feel manifests the depth of our inner world. Yet, some things stand out. They vibrate at a more exciting emotional level, while others resonate at a subtle higher frequency. We call those our highest vibration.

  • As humans

    our biggest vibrational lead is our dreams. They signpost our journey giving us both direction and connection to our real purpose. The more we follow them, the more we realise that what we want the most lays on the very edge of our personal avoidance rainbow. When we embrace what we reject, we heal our perception of reality. We turn our shadow into light. And that’s when the real healing game starts.

  • We heal

    until there’s no more dream to follow, we became the dream. We became our highest vibration. The main equation that challenges us on this dream journey is remembering what we already know.

  • Why?

    What you really are is already inside you. What you really want is just around the corner. All you need to learn is how to self-heal and set yourself free. It is the energetic wounds you are carrying do not let you see it, feel it or experience it. By letting of them, you will not awaken a new perception of the dream within the dream and unfurl into your self, you will also heal your emotional baggage, professional life, and spiritual path. Heal the perception of the dream instead of fighting the energies within.

  • Humans

    If you are in a human body and you believe you are a human being this is for you. If you are ready to receive what you have been asking for and take responsibility for everything that has ever happened in your life, to embrace your darkness, to have the courage to face and love yourself and experience empowerment beyond the limits of positive thinking you must come!

  • Dreamers

    Poets, Singers, Artists, Travellers, Creators of any walk of life, age and background. Those who have a dream worth the fight. Those who kept their secret dreams locked away. Those who spend every awakening hour longing to see the light of day. To those who dream of living the real life, they came here to live. If this is You and your dream is what commands your life, let’s heal the blocks that keep your dreams trapped in the reality of the mind, or in the sigh of a faded whisper.

  • Healers

    Psychics, Channels, Soul Readers, Soul Guides, Spiritual Teachers, if you are in love with healing yourself and others come on over! If you are committed to healing yourself deeper to be able to witness the dramatic transmutation of energies that occurs, the DNA activations, the body chemistry changes lifting you up to where you belong, jump on board! Open the pandora box, expand your gifts, and use them to channel the healing this planet needs.

  • Truth Seekers

    To those who seek to experience the Truth about themselves, about others, about this plane of existence, this is an open invitation! Experience the breakthroughs, sink deeper into your soul purpose, the purpose of every soul. And remember… There are no answers out there, only within yourself!  There is no need to go home. You are home.

  • 7 hours of healing fun
  • Healing Techniques

    To raise your vibration, connect with your lowest vibration and connect with your inner power the following techniques have been packed:

    • – Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting
      – Kinesiology, Timeline Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Pranic Healing, Shamanism
      – Past Life Regression, Guided Meditation, Biodecoding, Family Constellations…and others that were made up just for the fun of it!
  • Food & Drinks

    Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free. We plan to create an exciting lunch with fusion cooking incorporating European, Asian and Latin-American foods and techniques. The food served will be medicinal, highly vibrational, plant based with a focus on high energy protein and healthy fats. We will source organic where possible. Teas, hot drinks and a serum with lemon water and chia will be available throughout the day. There is also a small kitchen available providing other drinks and snacks.

  • Ackowledge

    that you are an embodied soul living a purpose on planet Earth.

  • Understand

    your authentic raw emotions and connect with your energy blocks in your energy body.

  • Set

    your mind to heal your heart, and tune it to healing mode.

  • Honour

    your ‘e’go, the most updated piece of technology in the cosmos, custom made just for you

  • Love

    your shadows and turn the pain behind your addiction into inspiration.

  • Learn

    how to move through the dream and awaken the inner compass.

  • Experience

    the depth of what you are and unleash your unique essence onto the world.

  • Embody

    your superhero role, and embrace your fears.

  • And Awaken

    the real perception of the Dream within the Dream.

Who are your hosts?


Healing the Dream from Within

Sandra Guedes is an Adventurer, Writer and Spiritual Teacher specialised in Healing. As the story goes she fell in love with Indiana Jones, read way too many adventure books and lived on the edge of the unknown and cultural ecstasy until she became a Medicine Woman and a Spiritual Teacher in love with healing. Now, she encourages others to follow their dreams, connect with their deep subconscious blocks, embrace their fears, raise their vibration, save Planet Earth and experience what they truly are in the process.


Connecting You with Inner Animal

Poet, Holistic Healer & Dog Behaviourist, Dan Absolom loved superheroes but never believed he’d be much in life. It was fatherhood that turned his world upside down. His son showed him all the power he had inside, while his dog showed him a whole different side of himself. This is how Dan conquered childhood PTSD and many other related problems and became a Dog Behaviourist and a Holistic Healer. Now, he shares with others the power of healing, harmonizing and balance their inner animal. Life is never the same for any dog, or human he comes in contact with.

Dreamer's Feedback

  • “For years I have been sabotaging myself. Procrastinating to look after myself physically. We worked on blockages that I had no idea I carried. After the workshop, I felt like this heavyweight has been lifted. I felt enlightened.”

    Ana Cordeiro
  • “Since she is a space holder full of wisdom, connection, love and joyful trust you are really able to surrender, express and let the magic happen. This work is profound, transformational and full of really practical tools that empower you to create change in your life. I am really glad I went”

    Katy Tucker
  • “It has been a discovery and learning of myself. The highest point has been to understand my self, to know myself to free my healing. It’s like a light and at the same time deep journey.”

    Sergio Maia