I can’t.

In fact… No one can.

It’s up to each one of us to take the responsibility of our beliefs, actions, reactions and attractions and to heal ourselves once again.

This might be the moment where an,“Are you kidding?” comes out, and your hand moves seeking that famous X to put an end to this possible nonsense. I know, it feels right when someone says they can fix you, but that’s not what healers do. That’s delegating your power.  To be very honest, you have done plenty of that already. We all have. And now, it’s time to get it back!


Healing is your responsibility.


I do not mean that as a weight or to make you feel guilty. Guilt serves no one. Weights only help you for a moment. The moment you chose to experience that weight until it is not needed anymore. Then you have the response ability to remove that weight and let go of it

There are two main things that stop you from getting rid of the weight: feeling identified with it and not remembering how to remove it. And that’s where healers come in.

See, healers are a bit like photographers. Photographers understand the light process from creation to action. They understand how it goes in through the aperture, and how the different settings will create different effects which then will create an image. Then, the photographer uses that knowledge, tools, and techniques in various ways to show others what they see.


It is up to you to interpret images according to your senses and unique experience.


Just as the same technique can create different images, different eyes will experience the image in different ways. It may not be what the photographer saw and portrayed the moment the image was created, but that’s secondary.

Photographers create bridges using their images are a way of expression, a bridge between your understanding and theirs. They know that if you are given the right tools you can create them too and have images hanging beside theirs. They know there is a photographer in you who is ready to learn how to operate a camera in manual and leave the “automatic” days behind. They know that one day you will get tired of admiring their photographs and will want to create your own.

Yet, they will not force feed you. They will just share their images, their passion and their knowledge waiting for the day you embrace the full “response ability” for the images you create, instead of blaming the camera for not doing their job properly. Just like photographers, healers are your mirrors. Until the day you realise…


…there is a healer in you.


Healers guide you as they guide each other into empowering their selves to enjoy this human experience fully. There is not one way to heal there are thousands. If you want to find out how I empower others it click here, and enjoy the journey.