I know you have not helped yet, but I feel both privileged and humbled to know that you are considering it. Read on. 

Behind the Scenes

This is me behind Odd to you.

I am interviewing healers, pouring rivers of ink from my heart onto paper, editing stories, giving healing sessions, organising workshops to empower others and dreaming away my feet on the floor. And I’d do it all for free… If only there were no costs associated with it. 

With this in this mind, I sat under a tree. The early morning sun shone on me. The commitment and the dedication were there in all the waking hours of the day. The pen danced alone over the blue A4 notebook and I asked myself, “How can I pull it off ?” The answer came tumbling down softly as leafs do when they leave their homes: Sponsorship!

There was no need to adds to Odd, to my soul or my body to some made-up devil. After all, Odd to You is a gift from my soul to yours. All I hope is that you enjoy every word of it, as much as I enjoy writing them. I hope it inspires you and empowers you. I hope it takes you to a brand new place, walking down a path you have never dared to step on before.

Yet, if you enjoy slowly unwrapping every healer’s story and learning about the magic behind healing, I’d like to invite you to participate further in the creation of this project.

Here's how it works

You can sponsor the creation of a healer’s story.

I am aiming to share at least four stories per month. But, I want to do much more – this is why I am reaching out.

Then, once the story is completed, I will add your name to it, publically letting those who read it know that this story was created through your sponsorship.

The goal behind Odd is to create awareness about healing and how it can easily improve your life. Then, I am going to put together all this information in an Odd to You book. Obviously, the book will have a section dedicated to all the sponsors who participated in its creation.

If this sounds good to you carry on reading.

The not so small print

As a sponsor, you will not have the right to alter, transform or modify the stories.

You will not influence the choice of words, nor who is interviewed. You can suggest possible interviews, but I cannot guarantee that the people who you’d like me to interview will be interviewed.

As a creator I am aware that every work of art wants to be something – and Odd certainly has a soul of its own. You do not own Odd, the project, the book, nor its stories. No one does. I am merely a vehicle to this creation and I do now own them myself. In my wildest dreams, if there’s ever profit out of this small endeavour, it will be used to create a physical Odd to You healing retreat, a space to empower others.

There’s a great purpose behind every small project. And the idea is to support each other, to be a part of what each one of us came here to leave as a legacy, not to taint it nor to control it.

By sponsoring Odd, you will be an aunt, a cousin, a grandmother, a brother, a loving relative, a soul mate, who supported and allowed baby Odd to grow into what it already knows it can be.  

“Sounds good to me. What do I do now?”

Here’s how.

A sponsorship is an exchange of commitments. You commit to helping Odd through a set financial donation, and I commit to using that donation to interview healers and share their stories publicly while keeping you updated.

The value of the sponsorship is set at £99 per healers story. It’s the same for everyone to keep it fair.

If you are in two minds about it, you can contact me here  or send an email to sandra [at] oddtoyou [dot] co [dot].

Otherwise, if this makes your heart tingle go ahead, and use the PayPal button below.

Sponsor a Story for £99


P.S.: I am going to do this anyway, but it will be much easier with your help.    

Thank you for being you