In one way or another, I have always written

I wrote literally from the first day I could. Initially, I wrote in diaries with heart shaped padlocks. With years passing by and the distance rising between those who I loved and myself, my words filled long emails, poetic private messages on social media offering inspiring advice to friends, and the obvious travel notebooks with thoughts and stories which occasionally were left behind as my backpack became too heavy to carry.

Yet, it was only at the end of a three day healing EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – course in Puebla, organised by AHEFT, that I became aware of the healing power of writing. During the course, we were taught different healing techniques and ways in which EFT could be used followed by constant practices with supervision. With my colleagues help, I had uncovered many hidden blockages and I asked Tere, the course organiser, permission to sit outside in the garden and sit the last feedback exchanges out.

Alone, I pulled out a black pen, and wrote:

“Existing without guilt.”

I did not know what I was about to write. There was nothing on my mind. Only a slight pinch of curiosity to be the first to read what my hand was about to show me. So, without thinking about it or hesitating, I allowed my hand to do its thing, in the first language I was ever taught, Portuguese, and dance freely on the back of the EFT manual.

Existing without the guilt of having been born, without the guilt of doing what I love, without guilt for being who I am, without worries or wishes. The power of being able to write from spirit, to intuit from spirit, to intuit words without having to worry about the direction, the purpose, or the content of the text, simply feeling happy that the message is there, for those who want to see it, hear it, feel it and listen to it.

Writing from the toboggan, from the swing, from the earth, from the sky. Writing without allowing anything else to be important, like a testimony of how wonderful is the experience of living.

Writing from the shadows, writing from the light.

Writing from the simplicity of harmony, from the experience of my ancestors, from  the knowledge of many lives. Writing is the detonating action, the registry of wisdom. The action of acting according to the knowledge we have acquired by living in communion with the body, the mind and the spirit.

It’s the energetic information of past lives flowing as photons, and of our ancestors running through our veins harmoniously, feeding the mind and generating movement. This, is what I call freedom.”

I reached the end of the page, and my hand stopped dancing. I looked up at the trees and felt as free as the birds jumping from branch to branch. I smiled. That was applied healing, meditation in movement, allowing my soul to be. The only thing my mind had to do was to get out from the middle, and let my body express. My hand knew best. That was my freedom.

What is yours?