“I believe every healer is a channel, as every artist and every musician, and everybody who has a moment of instinct or inspiration.”


The beginning of the journey.

Upon Katy’s birth, her mother experienced a postnatal depression. For the young mother it seemed that motherhood was not off to a great start, but of course for the baby childhood was not that great either. In a world of happy children, Katy felt very depressed.

Things only changed in her late teens. An overwhelming and uncontrollable feeling of apparent joy came to her life, which was great at first. Until Katy realised that this feeling, the closest thing to the happiness she had ever experienced, was something else. It was something called mania.

Young Katy was desperate, desperately trying to be happy. Not knowing what to do, she started reading self-help books which lead her on a personal pursuit of happiness and an empowering healing journey with many ups and downs.


The Ups and Downs

At the age of 18, Katy bumped into a woman who told her she was a healer. That was her first sign, but not a sign she was ready to recognise or to believe in. She let it pass. She was far more interested in the new age book she was reading about seeing energy. If only she could work out how to get it going. She tried for a year and failed miserably every time.    

At the age of 22, Katy went on holidays to Dali’s Catalonia with an ex-girlfriend, which turned out to be a very bad idea. In a familiar state of despair and heartache,  Katy sat by the Mediterranean listening to Paul Mckenna’s cd, “Change your life in 7 days.” She closed her eyes and listened to the hypnosis. When she opened her eyes again, she could see pranic energy everywhere, hovering above the sea and dancing with the trees, with her 3D green eyes! Her life had changed within minutes, “Seeing was believing.”   

When Katy landed in London, she knew she was a healer and started healing. Without any guidance or instructions, she placed her hands on her friends and realised she could energetically feel what they were experiencing, and simply knew what to do. That was the beginning of her channelling days if she only knew what channelling was. Life was guiding Katy while Katy guided others. Yet, Katy was giving her power away, having to subsidise her healing services through other jobs.


A Scary Place to be  

Seeking guidance Katy met a lady who was running an organisation. Initially, this woman extended her arms and offered safety and understanding in a community created by herself. But soon enough, she trapped Katy and those who followed her in a bubble of disempowerment. Under the apparent cover of love and light, fear was the law.

Brainwashed and terrified for her soul, Katy who was not brought up in religion, was experiencing through this particular mix of Christianity with the African Orisha’s the same many who follow religion do, a feeling of fear and damnation for their souls. The opposite of what the Universe is.

Within a year of this experience, a friend, her girlfriend and her father stepped in and told her, “You are in a cult. It’s either the cult or us.”

Katy experienced even a greater quantity of fear, fear of losing those whom she loved and fear of losing her soul. Despite the terror, she allowed herself to follow the path to love again. She loved and trusted those three people, enough to let them guide her out of the place was fear she was in, despite the fear she felt for her own soul. It was lietrally blind love, but it was working. Katy said goodbye to the cult, and to one of the greatest teacher she had. A teacher who taught her the importance of empowering others, by helping others connecting with their power, and trusting their own spiritual connection, without being manipulated.

“Like everybody is a healer. Everybody is a channel. Channelling is simply a way of allowing energy through you.”

Learning to Trust ‘Her Self’  

For two years, Katy stopped giving healing and didn’t seek any teachers. She spent that time reconnecting with her truth, with ‘herself’. When she was ready to open up and learn from others, she opened Youtube, which in return introduced her to other people like Solara, a direct voice channel, who she would personally meet later on in one of her free events.

Inspired by Solara’s skills, Katy spent a whole year wishing she could learn how to be a direct voice channel too, and even bought a book called ‘Opening to Channel’. But this time, the gift arrived before the book. It was a brand new start, Katy was deeply immersed in doing things from her heart and digging deeper in her own spiritual growth.

In early 2012, Solara was organising two light work events, one in Stonehenge and another in Avebury. She booked the first excited, but it felt like the universe was against her. Gutted, she apologised to Solara and headed to Avebury instead. When Katy set foot in Avebury, a new change took place, a new gift. She could feel her soul connection to this location; she could feel information being downloaded. She knew what had to be done.

Solara announced that she was going to return to Avebury on Ascension day. On the preparation for the ceremony, Solara said, “You lead this morning.”


“Katy? Katy who?!”

Katy asked her spirit guides to guide her as she guided the group of lightworkers present. Pleased with the outcome, Solara announced that she was going to Ibiza, and handed Katy her cushions, her mailing lists and asked her if she could carry it on. Life was showering in bliss.  

Initially, people wanted to be guided by Solara, not by Katy. No one had ever heard of her. Yet, she carried it on. It was a light internship into her path as a lightworker. Life guided her; she watched and learned.

In the meantime, life in London was not feeling right anymore, and together with her girlfriend they decided to go on a big trip to the US of A. One day, walking in Huntington Beach, California, they made a list of their dream house in a place they both love, Brighton. They handed the list to the universe and as soon as they got back the house manifested itself. Starlight had a cradle, and the fire ceremonies had a roof terrace. 

Upon Katy’s return to Avebury, the mystical stones prompted her and she made a commitment to a specific healing path, the divine feminine, the work of the goddess. Her guides started channelling more information regarding alchemy, the deep conscious and how to recycle the subconscious into the conscious. Now, that’s just one of the many things Katy does.


Q&A – In Katy’s own words   

What was your biggest challenge?   

“Learning not to give my power away. Trusting my own connection and becoming worthy. The real challenge was not to martyr myself, and not to subsidise my healing. It’s a very hard thing to break through.”


What would you say to yourself if you saw yourself right now?

“Do the journey. Do it! Do it! Do it! (Laughter) You will learn so much. Do not change a thing.”


What would you say to someone who is giving their power away?

“I see a lot of people in the spiritual community giving their power away in lots of different ways. They do it by following the crowd. For example, everybody taking ayahuasca now. I do not believe that ayahuasca is a bad thing, but I believe that doing it for the wrong reasons is not necessarily a positive thing. And, it’s actually very bad for this very rare plant. How to become empowered is to really align yourself with if you are actually called to do something.

One of the ways to become empowered is to say, “Universe, I want it to be really clear, send me loads of really clear signs if I am meant to do this thing.” So you step out of following the crowd and actually really start to connect to your own connection. And the universe is amazing. It will always send you a confirmation. If something is right for you. And simply by asking that it brings you into your power. It brings you into your own unique path. Of course do lots of deep subconscious alchemy work on that.

The healers will come to you, the right healers. And of course, Your heart is everything. Even with guides, if your guides tell you to do something and your heart does not resonate do not do it. Your heart knows you the best. Your heart is where your power is. It is the thing that will bring you into your path. Don’t ever go against your own heart with anybody whether they are in spirit or in form.  

Life is the most spiritual thing you can do. Right now, you are doing the most valuable, important thing you can do, so grounding into your life and living your life is the spiritual life. Right now your soul is doing the most important spiritual thing which is being alive.”

“You learn who you are as you go.”   

Meet Katy Tucker

Katy Tucker is an energy healing channel. Originally from London, the path manifested itself to Brighton, where she now lives with her girlfriend. Together, they run Startlight Meditation, a business with and from the soul. Through it, they offer a healthy mix of online courses and workshops, fire ceremonies, and unique spiritual healing journeys in sacred locations to empower other souls and offer healing. These powerful healing journeys are in service, connecting with mother earth and promoting collective consciousness. In every place, they open a gateway and create a space for magic.

This is her story.

To see people become empowered, and nature.