Eva is a 17-year-old Portuguese Humanities student who loves creative writing. In her free time, away from school she writes about fantasy. Her stories usually take place in parallel realities far away from home, in a world filled with dragons and mythological beings.

This is Eva’s story

As soon as Eva was taught to read at the age of 5, she started reading. One of the first books that touched her heart was, “A Odisseia de Eduardo.” A story about a rabbit that gets lost goes through many adventures, meets new people on his way and many years later returns home without realising how. With every page Eva travelled with the rabbit. She laughed, cried and fell asleep holding on to that book, eagerly waiting to turn the next page.

“If I did not imagine it, I could not sleep.”

The nights Eva did not pull a book out of the shelf, she created an imaginary world inside her head before going to sleep to out herself to sleep. And every night, Eva laid in bed in her bedroom, creating a sequence to the previous day’s story and start where she had left it the previous evening. Sometimes the same story kept going on for weeks or months. The longest story  lasted for a couple of years.

Eva only became aware of her need to create and imagine different worlds at the age of 9. She was sitting in the living room and to the amazement of her mother, she started running around the apartment living the adventures her characters felt and feeling the same as the characters she imagined. She did not like running as a sport – she still does not – but when she runs around the house she felt more inspired, the story flowed better. It was the first time Eva became aware of her need to create stories.      

“I can’t write if I already know what I am going to write. I need to let it unfold as I write.”

About the same time at school, a boy in her class said, “I started writing a story.” So Eva asked herself, “If he is writing a story, why don’t I write my stories down?” Just like that her imaginary adventures and characters started moving on from her mind to paper. At the age of 13, she started writing her stories more often. And when she realised at the age of 15 she was writing every week.

Now, on top of sending her stories to her auntie – who claims to be her number one fan – she shares her stories on Wattpad and participates in the creation of stories with other anonymous writers. The biggest challenge is to attract people to read what she writes, and to inspire them. One day Eva hopes to write a beautiful story that will do both.

What does Eva say to teenagers with the same dreams?

“First, you need to summon some courage. When I started thinking about sharing my stories onto the platform I started thinking, “Everyone publishes their stories, but how do I publish mine? I am scared. I write in Portuguese from Portugal and most of the readers on the platform are Brazilian, what should I do?” But the most important thing is not to worry about it. Just write and read what you write. Write 100 words and read what you wrote. Write about anything, and in the end, you will see what comes out of it.”


Name: Eva Guedes

Nationality: Portuguese 

Age: 17

Passion: To write creatively  

Inspiration: Everything, e.g.: a good book, a good series, something her sister says.