Floricely Salas works in the tourism industry in Cancun. She never left Mexico, but she loves meeting new people. Through these people, she has learned new ideologies, new cultures, new ways of eating, and consequently became more empathetic, open-minded, and tolerant. She openly claims everyone has something to offer, independently of their background or status. There is always something new to learn from them.     

This is her story

When Flor was a 28-year-old, she was hired to work as a spa manager in a four diamond hotel. She managed 49 people who catered for guests’ needs regardless of their origin, culture, or country. It was a constant change. Sometimes she only spoke with them for 15 minutes, but it had an impact nonetheless.

The gains varied from a sense of their knowledge, the kind of people they were, or curiosities about their faraway cultures from Vietnam to Israel. It was very challenging; every day she learned something new about people, good or bad. It was nearly two years of immeasurable growth. And she became more aware of how much she liked to interact with people.

“Every time you meet someone new, you travel through their thoughts and beliefs.”

In her following job as a shop manager, she kept meeting different people too, but this time, instead of people from exotic locations, her horizons expanded within her country.

Of course, there were times when some people disappointed her, and she constantly tried to remind herself that maybe at some point in her life, willingly or not, she would also disappoint others.

Her  biggest challenge 

In her early 30’s, Flor got a job at the Ritz-Carlton working in the Finance department. Her manager was bossy, intolerant towards others and inflexible in situations she had to deal with. Just like in math, one plus one equals two and there was no space for decimal numbers in between.

After two years of working with this manager, Flor started feeling that she hated working with people. She was tired of all the conflicts, felt drained every day and empty in both actions and words.

Followed by her biggest lesson

Flor realised that her manager was a much nicer person outside of the hotel, but at work, she could not handle working with her. Flor quit working in the Hotel Industry and moved on to working with Tour Agencies.    

Now, in retrospect, Flor knows how much she learned from her manager, professionally and personally, including how bad a leader can be. Nonetheless, Flor forgave her for being so mean, and they became friends.

What would Flor say to those who are dealing with someone who is draining their trust in others?

“Firstly, put everything on a scale. Decide if that relationship, regardless of how good or well paid the job is, is it worth it? Sometimes it is necessary to get out of our comfort zone to grow more. We cannot give someone the responsibility of ruining our day. You need to have the power of saying no. 

You need to feel good. I decided to get rid of my boss, but kept a friend, because that was her best version. Sometimes people think others are not worth it. You must always have faith in humanity; anyone can give you something. And if not, then with your positive attitude towards life, you can still have a good impact in other’s lives, even without knowing it.”


Name: Floricely Salas 

Nationality: Mexican

Age: 36

Passion: To Meet People  

Inspiration: People who have been through challenges and got out of them. Regular people like you and me.