Adventurer, Writer and Spiritual Teacher specialised in Healing. 

Sandra Guedes is an adventurer who fell in love with Indiana Jones. She read way too many adventure books and lived on the edge of the unknown and cultural ecstasy until she found out she was Medicine Woman and a Spiritual Teacher in love with healing. Now, she encourages others to follow their dreams, raise their vibration, save Planet Earth and experience what they truly are in the process.

This is her story:

“Initially, I had a dream and by following that dream I got into all kinds of trouble. I ended up working as a tour guide across the Adriatic, working on a dive centre in the Caribbean, teaching English in Spanish-speaking countries, crossing South America on my own, working as a volunteer photographer among many other things.

Nonetheless, after 7 years of living from dream to dream, following them felt empty and shallow. I could not tell why. According to my gut, I was doing good stuff. I worked on NGOs -Non-Governmental Organizations – cleaned beaches and improvised as I went along, but there was something missing.

With the goal of inspiring others to live their dreams, I started writing freelance. Yet, it was only when I found healing that I felt like I had for the first time in over three decades found something that was worth sticking to.

All my life I searched for a way to live my dreams to their full expansion, and through healing I found out that I was doing that all along.”