Energetic psychology, inner transformation, spirituality, and healing just for you.

Why Odd to You?

Initially, this project was about people and their passions. It was a humble proposal to inspire others to live their dreams after a decade of jumping from dream to dream. 

However, in late 2016, I started having problems sleeping. At the age of 33, suddenly I felt seriously afraid of the dark, apparently without any reason. One night, it got so bad could not turn off the light. The whole night, I waited until I could see the first rays of sun in the morning sky to be able to sleep. 

Google told me it was a sign of trauma. A friend told me there was no quick-fix for something. I told myself, “It can’t be true. I am a happy person.”

Luckily, the owner of the house was staying at was an experienced healer and energetic psychologist with over two decades of experience. Unfortunately, she proved me I was wrong, but so was my friend. There was a quick! 

It changed everything.

“I am better of healed than I was unbroken.”

Beth Moore

Nonetheless the erased memory, she helped me recover and deal with was just the tip of the iceberg. There were many other childhood traumas I was unaware of kept sprouting out.

In every session I changed, my world changed. Things I never understood made sense. I heard my thought process changing, my cells transforming, energy flowing through me, and spiritual channels opening. Every made sense.

I started reading and researching Chinese medicine, the chi, our meridians. In no time, I was using the techniques on everyone, friends and strangers alike. As I watched small miracles happening in front of my eyes, I converted.

It was hard to give up on the initial purpose of Odd to You. But I realized that inspiring someone only lasts a moment. If you help them through their process of inner transformation, healing, and growth, then they will inspire themselves continuously, without you! I was hooked.

“Whatever the moment contains accept it as if you had chosen it.”

 Eckart Toole

Odd to You was reinvited to help you face your inner challenges, traumas, stress, anxieties and come out on the other side, better than you were before.

The only question is: What’s stopping you?