Healing is not an easy thing to put in words.

It’s a little bit like love. No one can tell you what love is. Others can convey it and show you what love feels like by expressing it and dancing freely to its invisible rhythm, but ultimately it is up to you to experience it. Maybe someone special can even touch your heart in such a way, so palpable, so tangible that it will awaken the will of experiencing and expressing love openly. After all we all have the ability of feeling love. We are love, unconditional love. That’s our intrinsic nature.

It’s just a little bit hidden, underneath a complex cover of limiting beliefs passed on from generation to generation and accepted by us as the truth about ourselves. This, combined with a consequent rejection of the emotions society labelled as not acceptable, harmful, and undesirable, leads to an ongoing judgement of ourselves and others, driven by a need to fit in and to belong. It’s a recipe for pain, suffering, individual, national and international disaster! Which is fine, as long as your soul is learning from it.   

Beliefs are not us, not me, not you.

They were not meant to become us. At some point along our respective journeys they were as useful as they were powerful. Yet, someone forgot to give us a VIP note on extremely addictive side effects. They build up and give us a false sense of security. Sometimes they get so strong that they acquire a personality of their own, a little belief baby. Eventually the belief baby gangs up on us trying to protect us from what we want to do the most. It shouts, “No! No! You are not allowed to experience that. It’s dangerous!”

Guess what? Of course it is very dangerous… for the belief baby!

Yet, the belief baby means no harm, he is just terrified of dying. It’s not his fault. Can you imagine what you would feel if you believed you would die?! It’s not a funny thought is it? Well, it might be, depends how you look at death. Anyway, that’s when healing comes into place. Healing is the art of transmuting the energetic information that no longer serves you so you can restore to your natural balance, even more empowered than before.

The outdated energetic information usually manifests through an old transgenerational pattern, karma, or disease. 

It depends how creative the baby belief is.

Unlike outdated popular beliefs, healing it’s not fixing you nor giving you a pill to take pain away. You are not broken, you never were. No one is. Healing it’s the integration of the lessons the belief gave you into all layers of the self, changing the biochemistry of your body, and allowing your cells to vibrate in a higher frequency. All thanks to the experience that belief gave you. How cool is that? The baby belief will live forever transmuted into a higher lighter version of itself.

I could carry on explaining healing in all sorts of ways. I could describe it as a tool or a key to experience your shadows merging into your light and experiencing the bliss of what you really are. But, can you actually image experiencing it? Can you imagine experiencing being yourself in all that you are? Not the theory behind it. Not the words above, but the experience of recognising and letting go of what stops you from being completely “your self.” Guess what? 

You are a perfect walking and breathing manifestation of unconditional love.

You just have to love being your self first.

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