Sandra Guedes

An adventurous human being, traveller, explorer, writer and photographer passionate about storytelling. 

The young woman on the left climbing the back of a jeep and reaching out for the sky, in the salt plains of Bolivia, is me.

By the age of nine, I knew I wanted to explore the world. I spent the following six years dreaming, reading books about adventures, and over a decade fighting the conditioned beliefs society imposed on me. Among many things, I was told my dreams were impossible, that I needed large sums of money to carry them out, and I would be wasting my time following them. I never stopped to realise that those comments were said by people who never followed their own crazy dreams to find out where they would take them.

The worst thing, I believed them! As a result, at the age of 24, I was severely depressed, broken-hearted and trying hard to adjust to a conventional way of life that did not resonate with my heart and soul. Nothing that seven years of continuous cultural immersion in over 35 countries would not heal. On my journey, I met lots of passionate people, rich and poor, old and new, who inspired me to create Odd to You. A web page about people throughout the world, and the dreams that drive their life forward.

I hope you enjoy their stories and come back often to meet new people.

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