Three healing options

Free Healing Assessment
This is a great way to find out in a short chat how much can healing help you. It’s a small introductory session to obtain the answers to any questions you might have about healing or how can healing help you on your personal journey.

Heal Your Personal Life
These sessions are designed to help you deal with the challenges you are facing at the moment, in your personal, professional and private life, from matters of the heart to physical pain relief.

Heal Your Dreams
These sessions are for the bold ones, those who want to remove blockages of their lives, face their shadows, and delve into the spiritual side of healing.

The art of healing

Healing is the of removing energetic information which does not serve you, in whatever form it manifests in your life. It may be an old transgenerational pattern, karma, dis-ease, limiting belief, mean inner judge, or literally any energetic information contained by your cells that stops you from being present, feeling loved, and expressing and manifesting what love is when felt by and through you, infinitely and guilt free. There are infinite ways to heal and millions of healers.

I prefer to use tools related to energetic Psychology: TFT (Thought Freedom Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and Matrix Reimprinting. Although, I use many others too.

These tools allow you to place the responsibility of what is happening in your hands, change it with your fingertips, heal your wounds, suck the energetic weight out, and tap into your real self. They are effective techniques that give you the answers you seek, felt rather than told. If karma is a lesson, then this karma highway.

Prices & Packages

£99 – One Healing Session

£149 –  Two Healing Sessions

£ 199 – Three Healing Sessions


“Hi, my name is Maria Luisa and I am 58 years old. I found EFT earlier this year in February 2017 through my daughter – Sandra is my daughter. At the time I had lots of health problems – Yes, I had because I do not have them anymore! I was deemed invalid years ago and sent home unable to work. I had arthritis, and took cortisone every six months, among many other medications and diseases.

Wanting to help me, Sandra called me on Skype and convinced me to do an EFT session. She said it was like a game. I thought she was just playing, and it turned out to be a very positive game. To me, it’s a tool, “a gun” to help us in our personal lives. Sandra did some exercises, and I felt better straight away. I was in Portugal and she was in Mexico studying, learning EFT at the time. I had heard about this technique too, on television, but I didn’t know Sandra was learning about it at the time. Then Sandra and her brother flew me to Mexico, under the pretence to meet my granddaughter. But, what Sandra really wanted to do was to work on improving my health. It was amazing.

Today, I can tell the world, it was a true rebirth. It set free my inner child who was a prisoner of all my traumas, and depressions. Things that had never been worked, only through chemicals. And I had spent a whole life taking chemicals to help me, but they never helped. Or, they helped, but they didn’t heal. EFT helped me removing my blocks. For me, it’s a great tool. It balances our spirit and it aligns our mind, our thoughts. Our head commands our bodies, and sometimes that’s a very complicated thing to do. Sometimes there’s so much going on it gets the traffic stuck, and then we have a problem. Then another and another. And I was that person.

Through doing therapies with Sandra in the month and a half I spent in Mexico, I realised there were lots of things stuck inside me and they were released. Now, instead of taking pills, I do EFT. And only if it’s something very complicated that I cannot deal with alone, then, I look for my therapist. (laughter) Now, I meditate, and tell myself in the mirror, “Hi Luisa, I love you,” before greeting anyone else. I send more positive energy to others, and I do not absorb as much negative energy anymore. There’s still a lot to work on. It’s important to keep feeding our spirits.

With faith, the alternative therapies, positivity and by keeping our channels clean we can live our lives, and life will smile at us. I adore and love my daughter’s work, and I am a happy and blessed mother. I am profoundly grateful to God and to the Universe that my daughter is on this path. She is trying… no, she is not trying… She is helping people. She is helping the world in a healthy way, just through her changes. It’s wonderful how we can inspire people, and our own family through our own changes.  

When I arrived from Mexico, everyone asked me, “You look so good. What did you do?” I was a little ashamed and embarrassed because so many people around me were ready to make fun of me and criticising the alternative therapy world. But their negative words were the words aimed at themselves, not at me. I feel strengthened now. When I bumped into my acupuncturist on the street, he said, “Hi, I have not seen you for long, I can see you are walking much better now. What happened?” And I told him.

I left the world of chemicals. That world of pharmacy and medications serious injuries our bodies. I was all bloated, and there were many pockets of liquids being retained within my body, and in my knees. I know they want to make their money, but those chemicals were creating other diseases. I already felt that. I know eating well is fundamental, with less “flours” and less dairy, more omega and more potassium for those with problems like I had. I have learned a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to put things in practice, but with help from “my” Sandra, my therapist, I found the support I needed. But I know she’s in her path, and now I must be independent and do these things for myself. Sometimes I have doubts, but I know I can help those around me too. It has been known to happen. And all of this I owe to my daughter and to the Universe because she is crossing onto a different lifestyle.

And I still would like to add something else. Don’t afraid. When you do this for the first time, there’s a lot of fear and negativity. Many people are not open or receptive, although there’s a lot of openness too. You must feel the openness, feel the peace, feel what you have, feel the tranquillity. Feel. Feel. Feel. You must feel profoundly. Feel. Feel. Feel. Open your spirit, your soul, and your mind. Feel grateful. Then, you will live a life with quality, and that’s wonderful.”

Luisa Silva


“Healing is different to what I expected. I was very reticent to open myself and share what was wrong, what felt broken. I felt guilt, anger, fear, frustration, deep deep sadness and vulnerability. Sandra doesn’t judge, and allows a safe space to finally work these emotions through. 

It is only when I finally listened, truly felt my emotions, understood where the source of my fears came from (with Sandra’s support), and saw them fully, that I realised I was not broken at all.

In fact, I feel quite wonderful. Whenever a ‘problem’ or ‘issue’ arises, I know it’s healing I need. Problems have become opportunities for learning, part of a fun adventure. I’m so grateful to Sandra for showing me this, that feeling, even the ‘negative’ emotions can be fun. My healing sessions certainly gave me the jump start I needed to start enjoying my life again. And I expect I will be booking more soon. Like booking a massage, needed regularly and always a treat.” 

Rosie-Jayne Cutts

“When Sandra approached me to do a healing session, I must admit that I was quite sceptical, but at the same time very curious. I barely knew the surprise I was in for. The session was supposed to be a 30 min trial run and ended up lasting over 2 hours. The sceptical me end up feeling pretty strong and raw emotions and going to places that were locked away for years.

Despite having to face my “phantoms”, it raised my awareness. It made me understand where did this “phantom” come from and why.  In this last two months, I realised that I was in an extremely toxic situation, but it was really hard to leave it. Now, I feel that I have grown from this situation and moved on to a new adventure.

Thank you, Sandra, the experience and especially for being you.”

Cristiano Gaudencio


“To give this testimonial validity, I must tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been getting help from a very young age, starting with the doctors and the prescriptions they gave. Then, on with the counsellors and therapists too; trying to figure out if they can help my emotions be controlled and the memories I have. Throughout the years I’ve managed to cope with it all, but someday those memories were still getting triggered and I was back to the beginning. The only peace that worked for me, was just writing it all down, sometimes in verse.

22 years later, I was offered some help. Something that nobody else had show me before. For this I was sceptic, I’m not afraid to admit; as I now work with dogs and people with psychological and behavioural issues. Once I turn off my over analysing and analytical brain, the help that was given is hard to explain. I’ve been given the tools to now help and understand when my triggers go off I can know what to do. My road is still long, to healing the parts that were broken; with Sandra guidance, I now see it is possible and so much more. What I owe to her is to stay strong and truthful to myself, with an open mind of what can be done. If you’ve tried all you can, but never this, then left go of fears or any beliefs. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll not lose anything.

I’m truly grateful that I did.”

Dan Absolom

“My session with Sandra felt right. My difficulty disclosing my innermost thoughts and feelings wasn’t apparent in the journey, and realisations flowed with an ease that surprised me. It was a gentle and productive awakening. Sandra’s help developed a space for trust and openness, not just with her but within myself. A remarkably gifted healer, thank you, Sandra.”

Kelly Jones


“I worked with Sandra in different occasions and found her kind, inspiring and dedicated to healing. I loved our sessions together and will definitely work again with her. Thanks Sandra”

Ivo Madau

“For years I have been sabotaging myself. Procrastinating to look after myself physically, because every time I work hard I don’t see the results that I feel I should be seeing. Frustration takes place and I feel disheartened. We worked on blockages that I had no idea I carried. I worked on childhood traumas that I buried because I always said to myself “it’s sorted, no need to cry over spilt milk!” 

After the healing Sandra performed on me, I felt light, like this heavyweight has been lifted. I felt enlightened. I knew what I had to do.  I went to the gym. I worked harder. Later, I hugged my mum and I told her I had forgiven the person in question, and we both cried. Even though I know I am centred, I feel centred, I know I am a work in progress, I know there is still blockages I need to address.  

Thank you, my friend, for “tapping” me!” 

Ana Cordeiro

Sandra and tapping arrived in my life in a different and unexpected way… dancing and speaking English!

I met Sandra in a Circular Dance session and as we spoke we found out she was an English teacher, a language I tried to learn for many years, but without making much progress. I found a small group of women that as myself had tried to learn English without managing to truly learn it. In the first class, we realised that neither the classes nor the teacher were what we had experienced until that day. There was a crazy teacher in a crazy classroom!! 

Before we started, she explained that our learning difficulties could be related to some sort of learning blockages we had, and then we applied tapping for the first time. It was amazing.

After this I took several sessions to work on several “pending” personal problems that I had for many years. What I loved the most was Sandra’s sensibility, the way she guided me to help me push on forward in a quick and efficient way to find the root of problems I had had for a very long time. 

Now, I carry on using this technique in the moments I feel I cannot control my emotions. By applying TFT, I manage to lower my anger, or to get out of a strong moment of sadness… and I also use it a lot with my 10-year-old when he is angry or he does not understand what kind of emotion is affecting him, the results are amazing.

I am thankful that I had the opportunity of learning about this wonderful technique through such a friendly and special person as Sandra. Thank you gorgeous, a strong and sticky hug from Tulum”

Samanta Dago

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