Are you ready to heal your dream?

Three types of workshops

Healing for Dreamers
Healing 1.0

Why can’t you live your dreams to their full extent? Why do you run away from your own happiness when everything you dream of starts happening? What is healing and how can it help you?

In this practical workshop I will share what I have learned along my journey chasing dreams. By crafting amusing genuine stories with different healing techniques, I will place on your hands a wide range of infinite possibilities to deal with the energy blockages your subconscious mind insists on hiding.

Then, it’s all up to you. This is your life. This is your dream. Enjoy it.

Energy Psychology for Dreamers
Healing 2.0

What if there was no bad guy? What if everything was designed to assist you? What if you were energy and all you had to do is to understand how energy works?

This workshop is designed to help you explore life from the quantum field to the manifestation plane. The goal is to shine the light on your personal shadows using a mix of energy psychology healing techniques and integrate all sides of your potential into one, the one who you really are. Defy the duality of the mind, and embrace unity.

You are energy. Healing is a step. You are the journey. Make the most of it.

Surreal Healing for Dreamers
Healing 3.0

What if we were more related to each other than you could possibly imagine? What if as ‘within as without’ meant much more than what the mind could conceive? What if we were really literally one?

Without any psychedelic drugs, this workshop is going to take you to a whole different dimension – at least of understanding. The goal is to defy the barriers of separation, embrace those around you as a part of you and explore how our differences unite us.

There’s a reality that can’t be explained, a truth that must be lived, and this workshop is challenging both. Are you ready?

A note from your host

“Life has given me a poor family so I could rich in my heart. Gave me brothers instead of toys so I could learn the importance of being a Humanist instead of a materialist.

Gave me a violent childhood so I could understand that it is up to us to make peace. Gave me bad teeth so I could learn what it feels like to be ugly, and pretty teeth when I already knew how to smile.

Gave me “dancing eyes” so I could turn my neck until I found my own balance and perspective. Gave me feet with tendon problems, so I could appreciate the physical pain of not being able to move. And gave me a doctor who knew how to operate when I had already decided that I was going to move regardless.

Gave me a heart so it could be broken, fear so I could face it, friends so I could see myself through their eyes, and love so I could share it all.

And gave us similar gifts, faces and bodies so we could look at each other and see ourselves.”

Join me!

Healing for Dreamers – Healing 1.0

Dana's Way, Worthing
7th of September 2017
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Energy Psychology for Dreamers – Healing 2.0

Merseyside Polonia, 5 Covent Garden, Liverpool
18th of September 2017
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Warning: these workshops might change your life